Meet The Maker

Hi! I'm Amie, the maker behind Amie Aliza Aviation Jewelry. I reside in Toronto, Ontario, where all of your pieces are crafted right from my home! Before Covid-19 hit, I was flying full-time as a professional airline pilot. As much as I love flying, it is heavily regimented and every flight follows a strict set of procedures and protocols. This environment obviously doesn't allow for much creativity, and I was craving a side hustle where I could let my artistic side flow. 

I started making aviation inspired jewelry because I saw it as a fun way to combine that creative side with my love for flying. I also found that while researching aviation jewelry, there was a lack of classy, chic, and timeless pieces. I wanted to create something that appeals to everyone from pilots, flight attendants, and general travel lovers. I started out making bracelets for friends, family, and co-workers. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive, so I decided to open up shop to the rest of the world. I now have customers wearing my jewelry in my home country of Canada, as well as the United States, Germany, Norway, Spain, Iceland, and Australia! Not knowing when I may fly again is an unsettling thought, but my furlough has allowed me time to really dive into jewelry-making; a silver lining in a very uncertain time. It brings me great happiness to continue expanding this brand, and I thank each and every one of you who has shopped my page! 

With love,